понеділок, 13 лютого 2012 р.

Gameplay video #1 available now

Today we are happy to share our first gameplay video of Cradle featuring interaction with in-game objects, inventory and transport.

Let us know what you think;)
Other game aspects to be video-captured later.

4 коментарі:

  1. Спасибо за вашу работу! Жду релиза! Сразу куплю!

  2. Amazing.

    I see some nice interactions like taking the chair and table (I love this interactivity in Penumbra and Amnesia). Would be nice to see more of it instead of point-n-click. (e.g. closing the oven at 0:33, opening door at 0:54 + 1:16, using knife at 1:22, opening laminator at 2:15)

    Will you do pre-order early-access?

    Do you still plan to release a native Linux version? And if will it be a released at the same time?

    Will there be modding abilities?

    Good luck on this project!

  3. Thanks for your words of support! We're doing our best to make it an involving and high-quality game.

    Urfoex, the concept of the game provides for plenty of interaction with the environment. Given that many objects are absolutely unique, it will be an interesting gameplay part.

    Linux release is very likely. Will be confirmed later. So as the pre-order option.

    We'll keep you posted on further news;)