понеділок, 19 березня 2012 р.

Quick development diary #2

Here's another quick update on the development status:
  • Mongolian hieroglyphs look like horses prancing through the steppe:) Translating the names of spice into Mongolian proved a challenging task.
  • Due to low density of population and very few large cities compared to the country area, the night sky of Mongolia provides for an excellent star observation experience. So as for other objects seen.
  • Work on filling out the entertainment park interior with gameplay and content is going full throttle.
  • The functionality for displaying subtitles for sound messages added to the game.

2 коментарі:

  1. there will be a beta version for the game? If yes, it will be open or closed? I'd love to test the game, and help in anyway I can. Think you guys are doing a beautiful game and that it deserves more attention.

  2. Thanks for supporting the game Leroy!
    We are not yet there to start sharing the game builds, please, keep an eye on further news updates.