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Quick Development Status Update

Dear friends!
We've got a quick development status update for you.

- We have completed the voiceover in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Now we are busy adding post-effects to the voices - we apply noise, add 'mechanic' sounding to the robotic characters.

- The in-game texts have been translated into English and now integrated into the game. At the moment we are picking the specialists to dub the game into English.

- We are finalizing our work on the in-game pavilions. The 'look' of all the four pavilions has been adjusted (textures, particles, camera animations, colorite). We added tips panels to simplify the playthrough of the pavilion part. Gameplay has become more polished and balanced.

- At the moment we are working out the algorithm to fill out the game field with cubes in the third and fourth pavilions. What's special about those algorithms is that at every run they fill the game field differently while preserving their individual visual characteristics.

Let us thank our colleagues from the Omicron studio for their professionalism and passionate approach to their work. We'll tell you more about how the voiceover was made in a separate video in a couple weeks.

The photo features the actors breathing life into our characters: 

Pavel Skorokhodko (Enebish)
Anna Chizh (Ida)
Evgeniy Malukha (Tabaha)

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