неділя, 15 березня 2015 р.

Cradle Status Update: Main Menu, Interface and more.

Hello friends!
We've got another status update for you.

- Game's Main Menu done and debugged.

- English voiceover post-processing completed. All the three localizations are ready now.
- A number of missing pavillion objects have been modeled. we continue working on those - it's a   mere couple of objects still missing. Making those as we speak.
- LOD for the Trees improved (the overall picture detailing increased now).
- The visualization of the Tutorial part has been improved.
- The closing Credits mechanism implemented.
- Interface elements being finalized (icons for objects, panels, buttons).
- We've been debugging the project together with the Unigine team. Colleagues, thanks for your assistance!
- We're in the process of intergating the project into Steam.

The tasks on our plan list yet unresolved include a couple of quite demanding ones: the finale video editing and cutting the dreams videos. It's painstaking a work, but for sure we'll make it. Well, the finishing line is already near. Soon we'll be playing Cradle together.

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