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Outro Video Making Of

Here’s a few interesting facts about how we created the Cradle outro video. Attention: spoilers present!

-         The work on video was done in several stages with huge pauses in between. The Leave the Cradle lyrics was written back in 2011, the music – in 2012, the scene with futuristic Geneva was captured in 2013, people’s silhouettes – in 2015. The editing was completed the day before the game’s release.

-       The scene with the city was filmed in Kiev, in the yard of a building on Vladimirskaya street. The place was a good fit for our task: it had a background of mirrored windows, the sky which we could densely populate with skyscrapers, and not many people around. Nearby there is a restaurant where we borrowed some props (furniture, flower pots, crockery).


For the episodes  with the city views we made a big detailed artwork and then animated some of its fragments. Downloadthe artwork.

-        Mobile phone used by Mark to sms is an iPhone 4. We changed the way it looks by applying a paper frame onto its body. The design of the frame is coherent with that of the tablet on Enebish’es bedside table.

The sms messenger displayed on the phone screen was made a separate app based on Unity engine. The program reacted to touches on drawn buttons, displayed the text typed in and pretended to be sending the sms to addressee. 

Here’s what we got as a result:    

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