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Roman Malinkin - working place.

Our team is not looking for specialists in animation, modeling, texturing, physics adjustment, effects making, lighting, secondary software programming, optimizing and many other disciplines. All of those we already have available within one person.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Roman Malinkin. Heaven blessed us with him to help us out on Cradle. Let's see what kind of stuff lies on his table.

Here's what the numbers above mean:

1 — The Pavilion geometry fix list.
2 — Spil! magazine featuring an article on Cradle.
3 — The Pavilion wind turbine vane shell layout.
4 — Sketches of the flying tram station and a transport line stand.
5 — Stationery. Broken brain-teaser.
6 — Wacom pad.
7 — Koss headsets.
8 — Rubik's Cube. The in-game trailer capturing props.
9 — The buffet.
10 — Debugging console.
11 — Editor window.
12 — Scene structure window.
13 — Tabaha animation graph. A set of commands to blend the character animations.
14 — A radio-controlled helicopter.
15 — A stack of papers with concept art and the tasks accomplished.
16 — Character figurine from the Mystery of the Third Planet cartoon.
17 — Christmas lights. 

The story was originally published by GSC-Fan.com here

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