четвер, 14 травня 2015 р.

Steam Community Features and Game Polishing

Hi everybody!

We are ready to report the work done so far. Our main efforts are directed to increase the attractiveness of the game in the Steam community. Here’s what’s been done to-date:

— 25 achievements.
— 7 trading cards.
— 6 badges.
— 5 smiles.
— 5 user backgrounds.
— We are working on a promotional artwork based on the image displayed on the Cradle page in Steam Greenlight.

— We do our best to spread the message about the game by getting in touch with let’s-players and press, give them access to the current build of Cradle. Soon you can expect the game previews coming out online.
— We plan to deliver several new in-game screenshots showcasing the final quality of the game.
— Still working on the closing video.
— We continue testing the game.

One of the backgrounds we decided to offer you for download. 

Download it here and feel free to install on your desktop.
And for now we get back to work.
Stay tuned!

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